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If you are concerned about not being able to make your payments on your home, you are not alone.  Millions of people are currently facing this issue and the number is growing larger everyday. There are a number of options which may help you avoid the hardship and embarrassment of foreclosure. Visiting our web site is a good first step towards finding a solution for you and your family.


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If you do nothing, you will not only lose any possibility of saving your home but you will also completely destroy your credit for many years to come.  By taking action early you may save both your home and your credit.

Do you OWE MORE than your home is worth? The Worst thing to do is Nothing!

 You Have Options

If your financial situation is temporary (e.g. new job, job loss, hours cut, divorce, illness, injuries, etc.):

  • Reinstatement: Your lender may be willing to accept the total amount owed in a lump sum by a specific date.
  • Forbearance: Your lender may allow you to reduce or suspend payments for a short period of time and then agree to another option to bring your loan current. A forbearance option is often combined with a reinstatement when you know you will have enough money to bring the account current at a specific time.
  • Repayment plan: You may be able to get an agreement to resume making your regular monthly payments, plus a portion of the past due payments each month until you are caught up.

If your situation is long-term or will permanently affect your ability to bring your account current:

  • Mortgage modification: If you can make payments on your loan, but don’t have enough money to bring your account current or you can’t afford your current payment, your lender may be able to change the terms of your original loan to make the payments more affordable.
  • Partial Claim: If your mortgage is insured, your lender might help you get a one-time interest-free loan from your mortgage guarantor to bring your account current. You may be allowed to wait several years before repaying this loan.

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Don’t be fooled by unlicensed people promising to save your home or handle your short sale.
You need to ask these questions:

  • Do you have any successful short sale references?
  • Are you a licensed Mortgage Broker in the State of Florida to legally process a short sale?
  • If they claim to be licensed ask them for their (required) NMLS ID?

What to do if keeping your home is not an option:

  • Sell: If you can no longer afford your home, your lender will usually give you a specific amount of time to find a buyer and pay off the total amount owed. You will be expected to use the services of a trained Realtor who can aggressively market the property.
  • Short Sale: Is when you sell your property for the less than you owe and we ask your lender to discount your pay off. When you sell your home as a short sale all of the closing costs including real estate commisions may be included in the amount your lender will pay.
  • Assumption: A qualified buyer may be allowed to take over your mortgage, even if your original loan documents state that it is non-assumable.
  • Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure: As a last resort, you “give back” your property and the debt maybe forgiven. This will not save your house, but it is less damaging to your credit rating. This option might sound like the easiest way out, but it has limitations as you usually have to try to sell the home for its fair market value for at least 90 days before the lender will consider this. This option may not be available if you have other liens, such as second mortgages, and IRS or state tax liens.

Do not underestimate how important it is to Minimize the Damage to your Credit !

Your future ability to purchase items, rent or buy a home, and do other things often requires a credit check. Consumer credit agencies and your lender can help you explore solutions to keep your credit rating from getting blemished. Maintaining good credit is even important for job hunters as new employers often do credit checks.

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